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Water Adventure

Make waves at Bintan

Dive into the crystal-clear waters for a thrilling snorkelling or scuba diving experience. Embark on a kayaking excursion along the coast, make waves with an exhilarating jet ski ride around Bintan Island or simply unwind with a fresh young coconut.

Get your paddle on!

Dip your paddle in the water and get ready for the ride of a lifetime! Feel the rush of excitement as you navigate twists, turns and maybe a few friendly bumps along the way. It’s the perfect recipe for nonstop laughter and unforgettable memories. Bring your sense of adventure spirit and we’ll provide the rest.


Ready, set, snorkel!

Strap on your fins, adjust your mask and get ready to make a splash! Our snorkelling experience is your ticket to a world of vibrant colours, curious sea creatures and unforgettable underwater antics. It's like stepping into a real-life aquarium but with you as the star.


Ride the waves, ride the fun

Fasten your life jacket, grab the throttle and prepare for an experience that will leave you screaming, "Yeehaw!" Feel the surge of power beneath you as your jet ski roars to life, ready to conquer the open waters around Bintan Island. Get ready to leave behind the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary.

ride the waves

Reel in the fun!

Grab your fishing rod, put on your lucky fishing hat and prepare for a fishing experience like no other. At Cassia Bintan, our fishing adventure is a perfect blend of relaxation and excitment. Cast your worries away and immerse yourself in the whimsical world of angling.


Walk on water

Strap on your inflatable board, grab your paddle, and get ready to conquer the waves with style. Stand tall and proud as you glide across the water, defying gravity and embracing the awesome power of balance. It's time to show off your SUP skills and become the boss of the ocean!

walk on water