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Aquaria Phuket

Aquaria Phuket

Ignite your journey into the largest aquarium in Thailand at Aquaria Phuket. Explore up to 9 immersive zones from the mystic forest to glowing underwater realm.

Deep dive into the Aquaria Phuket extravaganza, Thailand's sea sensation! Get mesmerized in the enchanting concept of "An Ocean of Myth and Legend," straight from Thai fairy tales. Traverse nine zones, from the mythical Himmapan forest, extraordinary Sea Haven, and Station Aquarius, that allow you to get closer to the marine life.

Aquaria Phuket isn't just large; it's a vast underwater wonderland, offering oodles of space for social media-worthy photoshoots. Rub fins with the A-listers—jellyfish, penguins, and the shark elite. The entertainment lineup is fin-tastic—mermaid spectacles, parades show, sea life feeding, and a mesmerizing Glowing underwater show.

For budget-savvy adventurers, hitch a ride on our Cassia Shuttle, whisking you to Aquaria Phuket at Central Floresta without breaking the bank. After a day of underwater escapades, dive into some shopping therapy. Ready for a whimsical oceanic adventure at Aquaria Phuket? Let's plunge in!

Aquaria Phuket
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